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Meet TLR Hospitality

TLR Hospitality was founded on the backbone of a key need in the Hospitality market:  a refreshed and modernized approach to sales.   With a focus on Focusing on helping Hotel Management companies and Hotel brands hat leverages and incorporates the power of digital, social media, and social selling.

The Future of Hospitality Sales is NOW

OLD: Outside Sales Calls

Reaching prospects by phone is getting harder and harder, amplified by remote work and prospects working from home.

NEW: Digital Account Based Marketing

The new hospitality sales professional leverages digital resources to build strategic accounts to target, leverages the data available, and builds more effective and strategic plans to penetrate accounts.

OLD: Sales Blitz

Nobody likes being sold to...making those old school "Sales Blitz" less and less effective.  If you've thought "there's got to be a better way"....you're right, there is.

NEW: Online Events & Roundtables

Leverage the power of digital with online events and roundtables.  This strategic approach allows you to lead with value, more often and more strategically.  Value + high proximity + digital networking = more opportunities.

OLD: Phone Blitz..aka Dialing For Dollars

Ring, ring.  We're still doing this?

NEW: Digital Connecting, Providing Value, Building Community 

High performing sales professionals are spending 6 hours per week on LinkedIn. Top Hospitality sales performers are using digital resources to build curated prospecting and partnership lists.  They are building relationships through social networking and doing deep sales. digging deeper into accounts with multiple touch points of contact...all through digital networks (LinkedIn).


Solutions That Drive Real Results

LinkedIn Profile Optimization
For Sales Teams & Executives

LinkedIn profile collecting dust? We'll give it an A-Z makeover for you assuring you're appearing in more searches, position you as an industry expert, and optimize it to create demand and inquires from your ideal best future customers.

LinkedIn Sales Trainings & Workshops
In Person, Virtual, or On-Demand

Bring your teams up to speed with the skills and resources needed to excel in modern sales with our fleet of training services.  From in-person trainings to on-demand and virtual trainings, we have solutions to assure your teams can amplify their opportunities.

The Hospitality ELITE Accelerator Program

6-Week Cohort For Sales Leaders

Level up your Sales Leaders with our in-depth, hands-on ELITE Accelerator Program.  This 6-week cohort works intimately with your sales team members to equip them with a customized strategy to excel in social selling.

Ross Hosking

Vice President Sales Americas, Radisson Hotel Group

We surveyed the team's Linked[In] scores before and after and the
results were astonishing. The teams SSI rank improved 22%, their profile
views jumped 60%, their appearances in search results is up 75% and their
Network SSI ranking improved 42%! Celeste opened a new door for each
of the sellers that will absolutely help them in their professional life! Thank
you Celeste and Trevor!

Hi, Trevor Robinson

Founder & Strategist - TLR Hospitality

Trevor Robinson is the Founder of TLR Hospitality and TR Consulting Group. He spent 10 years helping lead and guide the digital marketing strategies at a large industrial organization. He combines this front line experience with his in-depth knowledge and expertise in digital marketing, thought leadership, and modern media to creates solutions to help organizations unlock bottlenecks.

Hi, Celeste Berke Knisely

Co-founder & president

Celeste Berke Knisely is a leader in the Hospitality industry with over 20 years experience. She's led sales and marketing teams and has a deep understanding of what works, what doesn't, and the roadblocks in the way. She's combines her front line industry experience with her deep understanding of modern sales to help organizations transition their processes and approach in the digital first world.


The Ultimate B2B Hospitality Sales Playbook 

Stay on top of your game and unlock the secrets to winning more B2B hospitality sales with the comprehensive playbook.

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